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Maaya Sakamoto ft Steve Conte - The Garden of Everything -Denki Rocket ni Kimi wo Tsurete
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The Garden of Everything - Maaya Sakamoto & Steve Conte

I will always stick with my headcanon that Ruby walked out of the RS chapter with a heavy case of PTSD and that his relationship with Sapphire will never properly progress into a healthy romance unless he gets professional therapy.

And even then…

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Black and I really did like her interactions with Bianca.


Red and Lance.


Wally and…

…shoot this is hard. Don’t want to say Crystal because while he loves her more than anyone else that’s definitely not the romantic type…

Um, maybe Todd?



Gold and Crystal ^-^

Multishipper Challange


Send me a character and i’ll tell you at least two characters I ship them with

I don't suppose you might know when Team Special Scans finish their translation or where to find a website to read?

I’m not a part of Team Special Scans, so I can’t tell you when they’ll be done. And if you’re just talking about the XY chapter, sorry, but I’m 99.99 percent sure that mine is (currently) the only English one that exists in the entire Internet.

If you’re not talking about XY, check out mangahere, jb2448.info, or batoto.

OMG, thank you for posting Ch. 1 and 2 for pokemon adventures xy. Will you be able to post it on the manga website like mangahere, tenmanga, etc? < )

You’re welcome, but I’m not going to upload these on any manga sharing website since

  1. I know that Team Special Scans is working on these rounds themselves, and they’ll have a better translation since they’ll be working directly from the original Japanese.
  2. Their scanlations will also look better, as I just used MS Paint.

My translations are just meant to tide people over until either TSS or Viz gets to them. You can link to my work but that’s about it. I will continue to translate whatever XY rounds Lavender Scanlations do, though.