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Darwyn Cooke’s 75th anniversary Batman short. 

Two pages from this month’s CoroCoro!

Sycamore, what the frick did you do to piss off X.

And oh man, the kids and Lysandre finally meet!

Preciousmetalshipping, Gold trying to cheer Silver up.

Silver knew what he had promised both himself and his father, but sometimes it wasn’t enough when he personally witnessed what the original, true boss of Team Rocket was capable of.

"Hey Silver, show me what new tricks Lance taught you," Gold drawled, breaking Silver from his stupor. Silver blinked once before allowing himself to smile slightly.

Ruby and Sapphire, stuck in a deserted Island.

Sapphire punched Ruby in the arm to shut him up; he had all but been freaking out about being stranded on this uncharted island with no way to communicate with the outside world as there was no reception on his PokeGear.

"Was that really necessary?" he asked, glaring at her while massaging his likely bruised bicep.

Sapphire simply rolled her eyes before taking a deep breath. "HEY WALOOOOOO!”

Oldrivalshipping, Blue has stolen something of Green's

The warmth, the supple texture, the sweet stickiness that could only have been flavored lip gloss…

"Looks like I’ve stolen your first kiss," Blue said with a wink when she finally pulled back.

The words pesky woman were on his lips, but for once he couldn’t bring himself to say them.

Kanto trio + Yellow in a Pet Shop AU (where they like work at a petshop)

"Yellow, you know you can’t get too close to the animals when we’re trying to sell them," Green said sternly, causing the blonde girl to flush in embarrassment as she gently placed the golden retriever puppy back into the pen.

"You have to admit, dealing with these animals has been a lot easier with her around," Blue mused from her station behind the register.

"Green’s right though; they wouldn’t want owners if they’re already attached," Red pointed out, watching the puppy yip desperately, begging the girl to return.

Haughty or Entourageshipping, Frozen AU. (If possible let Platinum be Elsa)

"We have to find the lady and convince her to reverse this winter," Diamond said firmly as he pulled on his jacket in preparation of heading out into the raging blizzard outside. Pearl grunted while rolling down his sleeves.

"With the way she ran off, I’m not sure she wants to be found,” he muttered under his breath.

corruptedshipping, occupation switch (as in, whi-two is an interpol agent and lack-two is an ex-team plasma member).

"I really hope we can work well together!" Whi-two said with a widest, cutest smile she could naturally muster; it was effective, with the new boy immediately going red in the face and averting his eyes.

"Stop making the new guy uncomfortable," Hugh snapped at her, coming to Lack-two’s defense.

Sorry, but he’s the only boy here left I haven’t ruled out yet, she thought to herself, though outwardly she simply giggled like the ordinary schoolgirl she was pretending to be.

Preciousmetalshipping, high school AU

"We really have to get back to class or else Crystal is going to kill us,” Silver hissed, wondering again how the hell Gold talked him into playing hooky.

"What she doesn’t know won’t hurt us," Gold replied easily enough, stretching out and enjoying the warmth of the sun on his face. The roof of the school building really was the best place to relax, afterall…


1) Give me a pairing.

2) Give me an AU setting.

3) I will write you a three-sentence fic.